"Bunicul meu bătrân citește o carte."

Translation:My old grandfather reads a book.

September 5, 2018



Why is it not "Bunicul bătrân meu"?

September 5, 2018


doesn't work

Bătrânul meu bunic, Bătrânul bunic al meu (sounds weird, but still correct), Bunicul meu bătrân, Bunicul bătrân al meu (also sounds weird, but still correct, i would never use), Al meu bunic bătrân, Al meu bătrân bunic.

These are examples that work

September 8, 2018


In another exercise this same sentence has the correct answer(?) "Bunicul meu cel bătrân citește o carte". What's the difference??

December 30, 2018
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