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  5. "Tini tidak berubah."

"Tini tidak berubah."

Translation:Tini did not change.

September 5, 2018



Does this mean changing personality wise or clothing? Or both depending on context?


It depends on the context. It could be a physical, activity, or even personality.

•Physical Tini tidak berubah, sejak dulu hingga sekarang dia masih terlihat ramping. Tini didn't change, since then until now she still looks slim.

•Activity (How she dresses, What she used to do, hobbies, etc). Tini tidak berubah, dia masih menggunakan kacamata. Tini didn't change, she is still wearing glasses.

•Personality Tini tidak berubah, dia selalu bersikap ramah kepada orang asing. Tini didn't change, she is always friendly to strangers.

It could aslo mean: Tini tidak berubah (Tini didn't change) = Tini is still the same as we used to know her.


Am I right in thinking that to create a future tense one can say "akan" (will) before the verb?


Correct. Tidak akan.


Is there a difference in how to say "Tini didn't change" and "Tini doesn't change"?


Is there a difference in how to say "Tini didn't change" and "Tini doesn't change"?

No, there is no difference in the Indonesian sentence.
The verbs in Indonesian are not conjugated for time/tense/singular/plural. It's all the same.



I would have thought "Tini did not change" was just as valid a translation??


It should be! There are some mistakes similar like this in other questions. Indonesian language doesn't have past/present/future.


Thanks for that MichelleMa. I'm getting the hang of it now.

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