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A werewolf eats. Would it be fressen or essen? Since they're humanoid animals.

September 5, 2018



You should use »essen«.

Except for the three nights of the full moon, then you would use »fressen«.



I agree. It depends on the shape the werewolf is in.


Naturlich I have to agree.

A man (or woman or nonbinary person) TURNS INTO/changes into a werewolf so that means we can assume that the default state of a werewolf is a person and they are only a werewolf when they are actively werewolfing under the light of a full moon.

Ein Mann isst, Eine Werewolf frisst

Much love to everyone here.


Thank you for the best discussion topic of the day. Have a lingot.


I was under the impression that fressen could be used for humans too, if the person eating was being particularly ferocious in the act.


You are right. It is used to express a negative picture of the person that eats.


fressen when applied to a human, means gorging or eating like a pig.


Well then I guess Mein Freund frisst.


huh. I never thought about it that way.

[deactivated user]

    I suspect fressen. In doing a quick google search, I was able to come across a couple of sentences using the past particle aufgefressen as well as aufzufressen in relation to werewolves.

    Essen really doesn't seem right.

    [deactivated user]

      This is the best thread ever! Thanks!!!

      Have 10 Lingots.


      I would like to have your problems. :-D


      THAT is an awesome question. I think that Germany could get in a war over that question XD


      What do the Harry Potter translations into German say about Lupin?

      Isst er in der Großen Halle oder frisst er bei Vollmond?

      Clearly Rowling did not give that away before Snape let the secret out.


      Harry Potter-Zauberstäbe: Professor Remus Lupin

      und auch mehr auf YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OxjF-VEZxE


      I told my husband about this discussion and he rightfully pointed out that the answer to this is obvious (in human form= essen, in werewolf form=fressen) but there is no such simple deduction when it comes to Centaurs...


      If the werewolf is using knife, fork and\or spoon, sitting on a chair next to a table. Then it is essen, because essen is a civilized behavior.

      If he eats only with his mouth like an animal it is fressen.


      Great, that reminds me of "Iss mit den Fingern und nicht mit dem Gesicht!" :D


      May I add on that "fressen" can also be used when any human is eating as an insult, to say they eat like an animal. From this I would assume that if any creature that isn't a human eats in a civilised manner they would be "essen" not "fressen".


      So Peter Rabbit would "isst" his stolen food :P

      aaaand I just had to go look up the translation and yes translated Beatrix Potter stories use essen and not fressen.


      What if he is eating mashed potatoes and corn on the cob? Like, he is holding the corn on the cob in one hand and has a fork with the potatoes in the other and shovels both into his mouth at the same time, like children tend to do?


      Essen. It's going to change back to a person..


      Hallo! glad i am not the only one learning german!! i would say fressen


      Well, currently there are seven million active learners on Duolingo.


      1 in 1000 people learn German on Duolingo?!


      It would have to depend on whether the werewolf is in human or wolf form: 'essen' if in human form, 'fressen' if in wolf form.


      I would say "fressen", as the werewolf is a very ferocious creature, but I think either one is fine.


      Thanks for making learning German fun SharyOrta!


      As long as it's a human it's essen , when it's in a wolf state it should be fressen


      Ok, it's not exactly a werewolf .... https://youtu.be/pee2bv_Jlbg


      How about an amoeba consumes some smaller creature? Still fressen? No teeth or vulgarity is involved. Yet no silverware, as well?


      No vulgarity? Hmm, the prey animal might feel that their personal space is being rudely invaded by the amoeba.


      Emotional distress eating you alive! :D So is this essen or fressen? lol! :)


      I vote for fressen.


      Thank you @SharyOrta-. We need more discussions like these, reading this thread just made my day :)


      Can the werewolf use chopsticks?


      I suppose at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet when the moon is full. But he might not go for the fried rice or chop suey as his first choice.

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