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Pinyin letters Use instead of Chinese Characters

Is there a setting where you can always see the Pinyin letters? I am not really concerned about learning the Chinese Characters but just want to learn conversational Mandarin.

September 6, 2018



In Firefox, try using the "perapera" plug-in. You can then hover the mouse cursor over any Chinese characters/words and it will show the pinyin and translation.


Deeefinitely recommend Hello Chinese. It uses pinyin and hanzi so you can learn it however you like. It's an app similar in structure to Duo, but with a few differences that I quite like. I like the idea of learning to speak before learning to write, like an actual Chinese person would. And if you do get to where you want to write as well, there are plenty of good books that teach you stroke order, radicals, etc in the language section of a bookstore :)


If the suggestions above don't satisfy you, there are also some good Mandarin learning apps that do have the said setting such as LingoDeer, ChineseSkill, and Hello Chinese. :)


There is no option for that purposefully so that you concentrate more on the actual words, not the pinyin.


How exactly does that make one concentrate on the actual words more?


Chrome web store has Pinyin ME! https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pinyin-me/bjkjgehlgagaimplndbiehcnncgahagh?hl=en

Looks like this Chrome extension converts characters to pinyin on web pages when you highlighted some text.


using pinyin ruins your experience with the language


I think that it would be much better for Duolingo to put Pinyin letters above Chinese characters, but I strongly disagree with learning Chinese ONLY with Pinyin letters

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