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" ti bude osmnáct, dáme ti auto."

Translation:When you are eighteen, we'll give you a car.

September 6, 2018



This sentence illustrates how English wants the present tense, where Czech explicitly takes the future. And vice-versa in the second clause. Nice.


Can AZ be translated here as: As soon as ?


It is accepted. I would prefer "jakmile" for "as soon as", it is more explicit that it would be immediate "as soon as".

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Is dát really used in the sense that ‘give’ presumably has here, ‘make a present of’?


Could the English sentence here be translated as: Kdy/Az budeš osmnact, dame ti auto?


No, firstly když is not very good, but foremost, it is

in the present tense: "je TI osmnáct", "je MI dvacet", "je MU třicet"...
in the future tense: "bude TI ...", "bude MI ...", "bude MU ..."...

It uses an implied subject and the person in dative.

Note that we need the future tense here.

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