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  5. "What does she play?"

"What does she play?"

Translation:वह क्या खेलती है?

September 6, 2018



What is the difference between 'kel' and 'kelti'


The same as between in English game (noun) and game (verb) - kelti is a form of kelna, verb, while kel alone is (as well as the stem of that verb and so used in some conjugations) the noun.


Why is "kya waha khelti hai" incorrect?


'Kya' at the beginning of a sentence denotes a yes/no question. Basically, you make a statement into a yes/no question by prefixing a 'kya'. So, क्या वह खेलती है is 'Does she play?'.

'Kya' right before the verb means 'What' making 'वह क्या खेलती है?', 'What does she play?'.


Your second paragraph does not follow from your first. The first paragraph has a good explanation, the second, an incorrect example which contradicts your above valid remark. Just switch क्या and वह to make the last sentence congruent.


Thanks for pointing out the typo. Corrected.


Koi btayga k y glt kyu h Yha koi rply bhi nhi krata


अगर आप बोलें कि आपका जवाब क्या था तो कोई बता पाएगा कि वह गलत क्यों है।

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