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  5. "I want to order breakfast."

"I want to order breakfast."

Translation:Saya mau pesan sarapan.

September 6, 2018



I entered 'saya mau pesan makan pagi' but it was rejected. Why?


I entered 'saya mau pesan makan pagi' but it was rejected. Why?

I think it should be accepted as well.
Please report it , so that they can fix it.

'sarapan' = 'makanan pagi' = 'makan pagi'
They're synonyms according to KBBI (official dictionary).


sarapan/sa·rap·an/ n makanan pagi hari; makanan pada pagi hari;


makan pagi = makan pada waktu pagi; sarapan;


I am Indonesian. Actually that sentence is correct but never used by Indonesian people in food order.

We all use : saya mau pesan sarapan.

But if you say : "Saya mau pesan makan pagi," We still understanding that.

So, when if you want to use : makan pagi?

You can use 'makan pagi'in in this situatuon. 1. Kamu sudah makan pagi? 2. Dia sudah makan pagi (She had breakfast)

Hope you guys understand.

Sorry my English so bad :)


"sarapan pagi" is wrong, altough nowadays this term is very common


When does one use mau, and when minta? Saya mau pesan or saya minta pesan

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