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"Dia kecewa dengan diskusi yang dialaminya."

Translation:She is disappointed with the discussion that is experienced by her.

September 6, 2018



That sentence is very unnatural in English. One would say "She is disappointed by the discussion that she experienced."


Hai! I am not good with the English grammar, but what about this shorter version?:

She is dissapointed with the discussion experienced. (just because the Indonesian sentence is using the verb "experienced" as the passive voice "dialami" + "nya", being "nya", by her.

How important would be to say that the discussion is being experienced "by her"? Perhaps, it would be optional:

She is dissapointed with the discussion experienced. (by her) = Dia kecewa dengan diskusi yang dialami(nya).

Now, replacing "her" as "them", the meaning would be different:

She is dissapointed with the discussion experienced by them. = Dia kecewa dengan diskusi yang dialami mereka.

I really do not know if the English sentence in the exercise could be changed, and what many versions it would accept in that. But, I still think the Indonesian construction would be respected in the English translation. Anyways, I hope the contributors can do the revision for this exercise if any change is necessary. Please, report your sentence to be added.

Selamat belajar! :)


"She is disappointed by the discussion experienced." also sounds unnatural to me. Some constructions just don't translate well. I don't know how far one should depart from a literal translation to get a natural sounding English sentence.


I agree, Fred The literal translation is not short and will never be used by native speakers, but shows perfectly what "dialaminya" means.

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