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Class accounts vs individuals

I have set up 6 classrooms. One for each of my three 4th grade and three fifth grade classes. I do NOT want to have all students join the classroom. I want us to do it as a class. Each class will progress and we will compete against the other classes.

However, the progress we made in classroom 4A, for instance, also shows up in all of the other 5 classrooms. It is identifying me (my email) as a student. AND, I cannot go back to the beginning to start at the very beginning. So, 4A was the 1st class and started at the beginning, when 4B came in, they started were 4A left off even though it is set up as its own classroom.


September 6, 2018



Just to be clear, when you look at your class lists through the Duolingo for Schools interface, do the right students appear in the right classrooms?


You should probably move this to the "Educators" sub-forum.

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