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Current location not updating?

I started using Duo when I lived in Kiel. Now I live in Bremen and that shows in my Facebook profile, but Duo still thinks I'm in Kiel. How to get it to update? Is there a manual way to set this info somewhere?

May 5, 2014



Did'nt know it was meant to update automatically. You can change it manually if you go to the little down arrow on the top blue panel and select Settings and the Profile.


I don't think this is true. You can manually write in your location, but this won't change your location for your 'streak day' (unless there is a new feature I am unaware of/cannot find).
As far as I know, currently there is no way to change your timezone. You are stuck in the timezone you were in when you first made your account.


Your timezone will remain the one that you were in upon signup.

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