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Will there be stories in Russian??

I was wondering if anyone knows when Duolingo will make stories for the Russian course.

September 6, 2018



Russian is a hard language, no doubt about it, and since it is hard we russian learners need all the help we can get, I really hope they make some stories


Спасибо за этот вопрос. Я тоже хочу больше историй на русском языке.


Common feedback we have received from you:

  1. You should release it in French/German/Russian/The language I am learning!

We would love to! As is likely with any project in Labs, there is a tiny but mighty team behind it, and the staff involved use the resources available to them to test a concept. So it is safe to assume that the plan is to just keep polishing it in Spanish and Portuguese to see if Stories is successful in its goals. If it is, it could launch as a full-on feature and then expand to other languages. Also, in addition to spending resources in an experiment, the more languages we add at this stage, the more work (and time) it would take to refine it. These requests are a great sign to us though—shows us that you are excited about the feature and can’t wait to use it. =]



Me too I would love stories for the Russian course.


Yes. Да. Я тоже хачу!


Hoping a contributor would answer this question.


Contributors don't know the answer to this question. See LICA's response above - that's as good a guess as anyone can make.


I was wondering the same. I hope they will add Russian!


It would help a lot since Russian takes a lot of work to master


It sure does. But, that doesn't stop me. ^^ But hey! I found a website called readlang.com. It even has YouTube videos and everything! You can give this a try, I like it so far. :)


Thank you very much for the tip!


I suggest you look elsewhere for Russian stories and teaching dialog. If you have already encountered the Duolingo stories when learning another language, you should expect the same stories again when they become available in the Russian course. From another Duo discussion thread, I recently learned of the site https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKJXWB5rbhWN0pUssNsnieA/videos I found it very inspiring. You will love Tatiana and benefit from her natural Russian voice.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Yes! I have been wanting one for a while!

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