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"Saya tidak berangkat ke sekolah."

Translation:I am not leaving for school.

September 6, 2018



What is the difference between "berangkat ke sekolah" and "pergi ke sekolah" ?


Berangkat = use it only when you're at the beginning of your trip.

Pergi = use it anytime before you arrive at your destination.

At home:

You: Mom, I am berangkat to school now

On the road, before arrive at school, your grandpa calls you on the phone:

A: Where are you? Are you home?

You: No. I am now pergi to school.


They are practically synonymous though pergi is more often used.


I'd like response to this too.


from what i'v read it seems that: pergi (ke) is to go somewhere; berangkat (ke) it to leave for something ex: saya pergi ke sekolah - i go to school saya berangkat ke sekola - i leave for school


it's same. we usually use both of them..


Angkat (root form) means lift. It can be prefixed with two prefixes: ber- and me-. It then can be derived:

  • mengangkat (transitive): to lift, to move something upwards

  • berangkat (intransitive): to leave for, to start going to somewhere

I'm not sure about why "berangkat" means to leave for, but it might originally mean something along the lines of "to lift oneself from one place to another" or "to lift one's baggage to somewhere", thus "to leave for".


Why not 'leave for'? Otherwise use 'pergi'??


What is wrong with: I do not go to the school?


I always learnt from my mother that angkat means 'to lift'. I wonder why berangkat means 'to leave'. Anybody here know why?


In Indonesia, Lift = "angkat" is combine with object... You lift a table You lift a chair You lift our spirit etc


What does ber add to angkat?


I don't go to school. Should be right as well?


"I am not leaving to go to school" was marked wrong I thought "ke" meant "to go"


"Ke" means "to", but not the "to" in "to [verb]". "Pergi" means "go".

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