"Sungai ini diukur kedalamannya belasan kali."

Translation:This river's depth is measured a dozen times.

September 6, 2018



Suggest “The depth of this river has been measured a dozen times”

September 6, 2018


Or maybe "This river's depth will be measured a dozen times." If it were talking about a repeated act, I could see the present tense, e.g. "Every year, this river's depth is measured a dozen times."

September 26, 2018


"This river had it's depth measured..." puts more emphasis on the river rather than the river's depth, which I /think/ is the intention.

October 30, 2018


Indonesian syntax is pretty close to Arabic when it comes to talking about measurements this way. In Arabic, we'd also say “This river its depth is five kilometers.” and “This river is measured its depth a dozen times.”

November 10, 2018


This English translation needs to be reconsidered. Assuming the measurements have already been taken, then then correct translation would be: This river's depth has been measured a dozen times. or even: This river's depth was measured a dozen times.

December 9, 2018
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