"Kalian tidak memberikan kesan yang baik."

Translation:You are not giving a good impression.

September 6, 2018

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No...... I don't think the "give" construction is correct.

I always felt that 'to give an impression' has a manipulative touch to it.

"Her whole manner was geard towards giving him the impression that she was rich and famous." [But she's only a minor celebrity at best]

"He had given me the impression that it would be a good deal" [but I ended up loosing tons of money!]

I would only use it if I want to imply doubts about the impression. Or use it in the aftermath, trying to explain how I was deceived, why things went sideways...

Thus, in my mind, you can only use it with concrete things ("he gave the impression, the deal/situation/idea is good") not with a general statement ("he gave a good impression"[but really he was not so good] - feels wrong to me!)

(Maybe you could use it to talk about a comedian impersonating a famous person: "Charlie Chaplin gave a great impression of Hitler in one of his movies.")

"Making an impression", by contrast, is neutral. You can make a certain impression and it says nothing about your true character, but merely how the other person perceived you. (And usually you would trust that judgement.) So this would be the right word to use here! "You are not making a good impression!"

I don't think you can use it to say "she made the impression on me, that she is rich" [and she probably is]. You'd rather use "I had the impression she is rich" [and she probably is]

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