"He drinks milk and eats the bread."

Translation:Dia meminum susu dan makan roti.

September 6, 2018

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In a lesson that specifically teaches the "me-" construction, why wouldn't "memakan" be accepted? I wrote "Dia meminum susu dan memakan roti itu" and it was rejected....


Yep, the same for me... And in an other question, the same sentence is shown with "meminum" and "memakan". So I think there is a mistake in that one. (at least both words should be accepted)


What's the difference between memakan and makan?


Hai! I think both are used as verbs with the same meaning, and with no difference between formal or informal use. In colloquial speech, I think verbs as "minum" and "makan" are more used than "meminum" and "memakan". In writing, I think "meminum" and "memakan" can be used to show a better knowledge of the Indonesian grammar, but this use is not always necessary. It is also recommended for official documents or letters, newspapers, but I insist in my opinion that they are not intended to be formal. Evidently, people can also use them in formal speech or not.

Selamat belajar! :)


so the answer "Dia meminum susu dan memakan roti itu" should be accepted, too!


In this context, should accept roti Itu or roti 'Ini'

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