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India Decriminalized Homosexuality so...

In celebration of this I believe I will start the Hindi course! Congratulations to my Indian friends from America. Much love and peace!

September 7, 2018



I think because of this, I will pick up my Hindi again, too! :D Congrats to India!


silently cheers for Stuart on the non-existent bleachers


Awwwe... It's my old friends!


Hey, good to see you again, Dinah!! Long time, no see.


Someone posted a thoughtful response to this but it was deleted by the mods so no doubt this one will too. No idea why thoughtful opnions will never be read here. Duolingo if it has a policy on this is to downgrade the forum/discussions and move in the direction of a pure language app. But the original mods seem to have been drawn from minority groups and reflect a liberal progressive american attitude to sexuality gender and sexual orientation. I admire this same reason I loved Sense8 it promotes inclusiveness. It’s not my club I have been banned from posting on several accounts I think it’s far more profitable just to concentrate on the language drills and the Hindi course here is the best available for a complete beginner. This is my wife’s account if they bar her she won’t mind. She already knows more hindi than I do she has chosen not to use it.

There is a false impression of India as a modern progressive country offered by NRIs and American Ex-pats. Most will never travel here and I hope they bother to find out more before they do travel as things are changing.

377 was decriminalized in mainland India so all of India aside from Jammu & Kashmir where there is a solitary campaigner seeking for its decriminalization there also but I doubt it will be made a priority. And oppression of homosexuals and other minority groups is in addition to the oppression of local Kashmiris in IAK. They would have no voice at all in PAK and China for now controls only the glacier where nobody lives.

Immediately after the decriminalization Delhi police began an aggressive campaign of attacking and beating up Hijras and other sexual minorities in Delhi. Decriminilization is the first step in changing a law. Technically the law should now be in abeyance and police should cease arrests but it doesn’t work that way in India. It was first decriminalized by a two Justice bench of the Supreme I think in 2012 then recriminalized by a three bench SC panel in 2013. After this five bench decriminilazation of IPC 377 the legislature need to regularize the verdict and that would mean either repealing IPC 377 replacing it with something that is not incompatible with the Constitution or amending it to make it compatible with the constitution.

Changing Indian culture and beliefs around homosexuality is not so easy and will not happen overnight. Most historians believe views on sexuality and sexual orientation changed during the Victorian age when the British ruled India. However RSS and Hindutva backed writers argue that the tolerance and respect for those of different sexuality etc are a western liberal invention and will destroy the moral fabric of the undivided hindu families the backbone of the lions of India. The rhetoric is increasingly fascist but when for example an Indian Student visiting from Canada UofMontreal said BJP Fascist Government Down Down in Hindi Murdabad I think a common chant. The passing BJP apparatchik began a screaming match with the airport police in the lounge demanding the woman be arrested on the grounds that she might belong to an organization sic. The woman was arrested and charged with some odd ancient and venerable laws. Originally they wanted her imprisoned for 15 days during which time she could apply for bail. But she had some decent lawyers with her in court so they suggested she had taken a funny turn and might need medical treatment so the judge agreed to house arrest until her medical condition stabilized by which time bail was processed.

Here they just ban you I live in India. You people have no idea about the day to day harrassment that anyone who actually has any interests in Human Rights faces. I do not expect support from Duo I wouldn’t get it from local human rights groups because they are too scared and duo is just a language app.

It might be helpful to cover aspects of various common Indian cultural norms on what you are expected to wear, what you can eat and drink and this varies from State to State with a general North South divide. Up till now fair skinned foreigners have not been troubled by the cultural norms in India. The locals either do not expect you to be aware of them or believe it doesn’t apply to foreigners. But India is a third world country and the rise of aggressive nationalism and global movement to more right wing politics has gripped the nation. If most people use duo as mental training exercises never expecting to travel to foreign parts it doesn’t matter.

If the mods want to keep the fora free of certain ideologies Bless. I have had my account shadowbanned and blocked so many times I think its time for me to realize this is not a place to put forward views with which others disagree. But this is just a language app. The real struggle has real consequences.

The bans that happen here and the provocative posts by sexual minorities are just talk. This has nothing to do with human rights. In India there is less respect for human rights than there is for sexual minorities, women, children and animal pets. Unfortunately it is my home for now. If you live in a free country enjoy the freedoms you have and if duo doesn’t like what you have to say post the words somewhere else. Nobody can be oppressed or victimized on a language app.

So in summary if you are interested in words. The term for human rights activist in India has long been anti-national or naxalite. Now the preferred term is urban naxalite if you write in English. What I learnt from Duo is that my wife does understand speak Hindi she just refuses to do so. If interviewers can't speak her language Meiteilon/Manipuri I guess she figures they can both struggle in English.

As for people taking up Hindi because of this SC decision. They won't pursue it. I still have to. I can do that from a new account. And I can change my IP if duo ever gets that aggressive. But it's really silly to keep posting stuff here. This is a language app. As long as the courses deliver I'll come back from time to time.

If you want to bar my wife's account that's a little harsh but knock yourselves out.


Thank you so much for this detailed account of the situation. Where I live (Canada) you have to look proactively for any information on the non-Western world beyond top-level headlines. Although I want to be able to follow news and culture in many countries, I just don't have the luxury of that kind of time. It really helps when someone takes the time to explain. Have a lingot.


Thank you! It's indeed a laudable decision. I can't believe that this country just took such a remarkable step. And if it's getting people interested in learning an Indian language, all the better! :)


Oh yeah, India finally decided to enter the 21st century.


India entered the 21st century at 5:30 AM UTC on January 1, 2000 (or was it 2001?) if I calculated correctly.


In so many ways India is still in the 19th century. You have to live here to know it.

BTW the 21st century started on 1st January 2001, not 2000. So yeah, you calculated incorrectly by a full year.


Not mentally, until now.


Let's not forget that ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ laws were exported by the British and India has a rich pre-colonization history of tolerance of sexual and gender diversity that is older than most other societies.

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