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  5. "Co nebo kdo?"

"Co nebo kdo?"

Translation:What or who?

September 7, 2018



Why do you keep insisting that "What or whom?" is wrong. It's actually more correct than "What or who?" which you have as your correct answer.


Why should it be more correct? I would use "whom" for komu or koho, but not kdo.


"Kdo" is nominative, so "who" is correct. Absent context, the question could easily be something like "What or who caused the accident?"


Absent context, "What or who(m) seems most likely a response to a comment about what happened to someone or something; i.e., the object rather than the subject of the sentence? I've never heard "What or who?" uttered as a sentence in English!


As far as I know, "whom" is only used in contexts such as "Whom are you sending the letter to?" I'm a native German so I might be wrong, but I think it's similar to the German "wem" (dative version of "wer" = who).


Let's formulate it that for "whom" the Czech sentence would have to use on of the different cases, but not nominative. Nominative is definitely "who".


In English, "whom" is objective voice; "who" is nominative. In other words, for the subject of a sentence one should use "who"; for the object, use "whom." E.g., Who is knocking a my door? vs. "For whom is this message intended?" or "To Whom It May Concern."

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