Duplicated skill level for German Pos.Pronouns and Nom. Pronouns

I'm learning German and i was hooked all the way up to lesson "Nature 1". After that point whenever i complete either of the lessons "Pos. Pronouns" or "Nom. Pronouns" the experience bar raises on both lessons.

I am not sure if this is a bug or a feature but it threw me off. I like to complete the lessons from level 1 to level 5 but starting "Nom. Pronouns" at level 2 without prior introduction does not feel right. I would not mind if both lessons get a reset but i would love for this to be fixed because it ruined my routine.

September 7, 2018


A bug - an annoying one at that. Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do - it is a known issue in the German tree - the two skills are tied together so when you do a lesson or pass a level in one of them, the same progress registers in the other as well. You can submit a bug to Duolingo (and you should) but for now you will just need to work around it.

PS: There is a second pair like that in this tree: People 1/People 2. So you may want to plan for that as well. Unlike the pronouns, these are far away from each other in the tree so make sure you do not get to a very high level in People 1 before you even open People 2 because it will open at that level as well...

The best you can do is to do 1 lesson from 1 of them, 1 from the other in tandem. You still lose half of the lessons but between the repetitions on all the levels, you should be fine. And if you need extra practice that does not burn lessons, you can use the dumbell next to the skill in

September 7, 2018

Thank you very much. I'll go ahead and report the bug.

Even at the duome (which i did not know existed, thank you for that as well ) the skill appears at 100% which is not true.

September 8, 2018

Duome reports what Duolingo sees basically. When you are in the middle of a skill, duome looks weird in those tied skills but once you clear a level, they report as done.

Just plan around the two pairs of tied elements and have fun :)

September 8, 2018
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