"Dia memperkaya keluarganya dengan cara yang tidak baik."

Translation:He enriches his family with ill-gotten methods.

September 7, 2018

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Also want point out that "ill-gotten methods" doesn't make sense.

Let's just change this whole dumpster fire to

"He makes his family richer by ways that are not good"

It's not the most natural sentence, but it's grammatical and clear. Optionally, "not good" could be "not ok"


I agree with your translation. It is much more literal, but not accepted by Duolingo for some reason.


Also “He/she enriches his/her family in a way that is not good.”


I don't think we ever use "enrich" this way. It sounds very awkward. Perhaps the more literal "He makes his family wealthier.." would be better. It's clunky but shows the meaning better.


I would say richer, but wealthier works too.


More pecunious, even.


If you were to use this kind of english, it should be “He enriches his family by/through ill-gotten means/methods.” Using 'with' ill gotten methods' makes no sense. Literally, “He makes his family wealthier through bad means/methods/ways.” should all be fine or any mixture from the above.


i think the pronunciation of "cara" is from another language, sounds like "care a" would sound in English


"Cara" is actually pronounced "cha-ra". Like one two cha-cha-cha.


"Ill-gotten" is much more specific than simply not good. It refers to something that was acquired in a bad way. The riches themselves might be ill-gotten, but the method would simply be ill (in an archaic sense, though now we might say evil or criminal).


Wait, can we use “enrich” to mean “make have more money” in English? I just use it to mean “enrich” a food by adding cream or “enrich” a conversation by saying something interesting.


Those are all just metaphorical uses of the term. It does still have the literal meaning to make rich. I have most often seen it, I think, in conjunction with a word such as "illicit" or "improper," e.g. "They discoveted that he was illicitly enriching himself."


"ill-gotten" in my experience goes with goods or maybe wealth etc, but not methods.


unluckily just 'ill methods' is counted as mistake as well...

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