"Apel yang diperoleh Tini manis."

Translation:The apple that is obtained by Tini is sweet.

September 7, 2018

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"The apple Tini got is sweet"


this is not a good English translation...the apple obtained by Tini is sweet. Is more occrect but would not be said by an english speaker



So according to kbbi, the key difference between "memperoleh" and other words, like "mendapat" "menerima" is that when you memperoleh something, you have to work for it

memperoleh/mem·per·o·leh/ v mendapat (mencapai dan sebagainya) sesuatu dengan usaha:

"Get (acheive etc) something with effort"

rakyat negara itu memperoleh kemerdekaan setelah berjuang satu abad lamanya; memperoleh wilayah mendapatkan kedaulatan teritorial;

That country's people got independence after a decade long struggle; Obtaining that region gains us territorial sovereignty


The apple that is gotten by Tini is sweet. THIS IS NOT ENGLISH The apple Tini received is sweet"


"Gotten" is the past past participle of the verb "to get" in American English. It has been retained from the old days when it was the correct form in British English but has since died out in common usage, and has been replaced by "got". "To get" something or "to obtain" something suggests effort by the subject whereas "to receive" something does not, and so is not an accurate translation of "memperoleh."

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