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  5. "vetlhmey 'up tIHotQo'!"

"vetlhmey 'up tIHotQo'!"

Translation:Don't touch the disgusting cockroaches!

September 7, 2018



I reported, "Y'all don't touch the icky cockroaches!", and was marked wrong (I also tried "gross," and disgusting.").


If you had left off the vocative "y'all" it would have been accepted. Since both the English command and the Klingon command can be given to one person or to multiple people, the vocative call to those you are speaking to is unusual and not generally considered proper. IF you were going to include it, you should at least separate it by a comma, or better yet and exclamation point. But it still wouldn't have been accepted as a translation in this course.


Heck, I had already figured that out. Thanks. This is why I keep trying.

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