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Why won't it accept 早

Hey guys, why won't the app accept simply 早 as a translation for morning? It only seems to accept 早上...

September 7, 2018



早 means early and 早上 means morning. Unfortunately, their are not a lot of slang/shorter words in the chinese language and 早 and 早上 mean two different things. As chinese doesn't work the same way as English does, I hope this answer helped. Do you have another question?


It is also possible to express "Good morning" as 你早. Also note that the expressions depend on (1) the dialects and (2) the type of formalities within certain settings.

Rebecca, I added more details to your explanation. Even though 早 alone means "early", it can also mean "good morning". The reason why konrad can be correct is that he refers to the context of two people starting the conversation. However, this is semi-correct if one refers to greeting in the morning time. Otherwise, at other time frame or setting, 早 closely resembles "early".

Learning Chinese does not only involve rote memorization. It also involves understanding why and how multiple meanings can occur.


Thanks for the information, I'm atcually chinese but my nationality is British, I'm learning chinese at a chinese school and they never taught me that, although i will keep what you told me in mind :)


Ah. This happens almost to everyone, including me, who learns only common phrases taught from courses. More than 10 years ago, I thought my Chinese is enough to go for. However, when I met with some Chinese speakers, they introduced different ways of greetings.

It's great interacting with Chinese language in positive ways, such that we can absorb new things in our heads. :)


"早" alone is often used as a short way of saying "good morning".


because Chinese:早=early,早上=morning.I am Chinese


thank for that imfomation


早not only means "earlier" , it can also be used as a way to say "morning~" is like a short vision of 早上好:good morning~

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