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  5. "bIQaptaH'a'?"


Translation:Are you winning?

September 7, 2018



This word looks like the root verb of Qapla' 'success'. Is there a suffix -la' which creates nouns out of verbs under certain conditions, or is this just an isolated case (or coincidence)?


It does. And there is not. Well, there is, but it is slang and not the reason for this word.

Since -laH (be able to) and -lu' (indefinite subject) are both Type 5 verb suffixes and cannot be used together, a slang suffix -la' is sometimes used to mean "an indefinite subject is able to". Thus Qapla' could theoretically be translated as "One is able to succeed/win" or "Succeeding/winning is possible". In the creation of the language it appears that the two things were created separately, so it is probably purely coincidental. When used as a noun meaning "success", it certainly doesn't make any sense to break it down like that. Though if you prefer to translate the exclamation Qapla'! as "Success is possible!", I don't have a problem with that. (But since it's a slang suffix, we probably won't accept it as a translation in this course.)


So, we can't use the -la' suffix to create nouns out of verbs willy-nilly, which I suppose was part of my question. Thanks for the additional slang info, which is always welcome. A lingot for your time and trouble, my man!


We definitely cannot use the slang -la' suffix to turn verbs into nouns. Qapla' is a special word and not an example of turning a verb into a noun. I'm glad you enjoyed the explanation.

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