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Czech beginners - gender comparison

It would be really useful in the sample sentences and phrases if we could have more direct comparisons of gender eg. We are young men and young women and young children (the neuter version) - so that those of us coming from uninflected languages can get our heads around those changing endings by seeing them all together... so the same adjective making its way through differently gendered nouns all in one go.

The most useful ones I've met so far have been - we are young men and young women Additional men and additional women

and nearly as useful We are young women and old men

But it could go much further - rather than the randomness of hopping about between endings without being given information about whether this is masculine animate/inanimate or feminine or neuter.

Singular and plural versions together would also be helpful. They are old women and she is an old woman now - would be really useful to see and learn the change in one phrase. And/or They are old women and she is a young woman alternating with They are young women and she is an old woman

Just a thought... Thanks.

September 7, 2018



In fact - for beginners, it would be more helpful in the first stages if the first Plural section - lesson 8 - was divided into three lessons: Plural Masculine, Plural Feminine, Plural Neuter. So that first of all we can encounter them separately and know what it is we are working on. I know the very early stages kept them separate - but it didn't tell us what was what, so unless you are already bang on with which nouns are which genders, you are moving in murky waters. You end up having to learn by rote instead of being able to work out the necessary ending by knowing the patterns.


Thanks thanks thanks-for that, that you want to understand Czech language and learn it.
(TA = feminine gender) Čeština je složitÁ, ale krásnÁ .
(TEN = masculine gender) Český jazyk je složitÝ, ale krásnÝ.

(TO = neuter gender) Studium češtiny je složitÉ, ale krásnÉ.

I am from Czechia and I learn English. Good luck!

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