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"tengchaHmey tI'laHbe' yIHmey."

Translation:Tribbles cannot repair space stations.

September 7, 2018



I reported, "Tribbles can't fix space stations."}, and was marked wrong. But the only reason why I'm discussing it now, is to make sure that it is noticed. Is it better for me to just report it wrong, and be confident that my answer will be added?


A lot of our tI' sentences seem to be missing the alternative of "fix". I repair/fix them as I find them.

No need to report it in both places if you're confident that you got it right. We'll eventually get to it and add it in. The only benefit of both reporting it and starting a sentence discussion on it is that if you were wrong we can explain it here.


Maybe they can't, but they'll certainly help by eating all the quadrotriticale on hand, given the chance!

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