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  5. "Tini membeli mantel."

"Tini membeli mantel."

Translation:Tini buys a coat.

September 7, 2018



Is "Tini buys coats" acceptable?


Hai! The Indonesian sentence could accept more translations, even with past and future tenses, and using singular or plural nouns in English. Please, try adding your sentence with the report tool.

Selamat belajar! :)


Why are a coat and a jacket different things? Are they not interchangeable?


Because they are different things but have the same functionality. ;)

No, a coat is a longer model and jacket a shorter model, more sporty. In Dutch we do the same thing. I believe that "mantel" is old Dutch and is still used today but is used for more luxury coats (longer model).


Mantel still means coat in German


Does anyone else feels the new male voice in this lessons is not really Indonesian? His tones and pronunciation feel not Indonesian

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I just started seriously learning Indonesian this week so I don't know what the original voices were like but I think it sounds Indonesian enough. His "Tini membeli" sounds very Indonesian to me but not "mantel", it is a bit un-Indonesian in my opinion.


Is "Tini buys coats" acceptable?

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