"Ada dua perpustakaan di sekolah kami."

Translation:There are two libraries in our school.

September 7, 2018

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It's interesting that this uses a Sanskrit word for book, pustaka, while the standard word for book we are taught here is the Dutch-derived buku. Do you ever see the word pustaka used for book in Indonesian, or any word related to the Arabic kitab?


Hai! I think (at least) the word "kitab" is also used. But, I really do not know in which context one or another is more valid. I think "kitab" can be used for important books or scriptures, but I would use it as a synonym of "buku".

I think this course could accept "buku" and "kitab" as possible translations.

Selamat belajar! :)


I would bet it could be used of religious books. That, at least, would make a great deal of cultural sense. The word "pustaka" is even more interesting to me. There are plenty of Indic words in Indonesian, clearly, but this really has a sort of Srivijaya/Majapahit ring to my entirely untrained ear.

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I would expect regional differences, with more Indic words remaining in those regions, e.g. Bali, where Hinduism remains strong.


I appreciate this discussion!

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