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  5. "I like to wear my own hat."

"I like to wear my own hat."

Translation:Mi ŝatas porti mian propran ĉapelon.

September 7, 2018



Is anyone else finding the accusative n to be wildly inconsistent on this lesson?


"My own hat" is the direct object of the phrase and the verb " esti" is not used in the preposition. Why are you surprised to find accusative here?


Exactly. "porti" (to wear, to carry) is transitive, and the accusative is needed here. "mia" and "propra" are both adjectives, so take the accusative as well.


I still struggle with the accusative N on a regular basis. Just never clicked for me.


It just shows the actioN of a sentence. Or its directioN, if you will. If something is or exists, no need for a 'n'. If you're doing anything, you must be doing it to something (or doiN it to somethiN, if that helps). The directioNal 'to' translates as 'n' in Esperanto.


It's fairly simple. If a noun is the object of a verb, that noun and all its modifiers receive the accusative. The only odd thing is like if I were to say "I am going to eat a kilogram of tomatoes." In that case, the kilogram is actually what's being eaten and "of tomatoes" is just specifying what kind of kilogram it is, so it would be "Mi manĝos kilogramon da tomatoj."


Who's "bright idea" was it to use "propra" for "own"? My guess is someone that enjoys tongue twisters and spittle-speak.

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