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Could we re-establish the possibility of sorting students by username?

First, I have to say that I love using DuoLingo to teach French, because my students both enjoy and learn a lot from it. I'm especially grateful that it has stayed free, because my school is increasingly hesitant to pay for online programs due to limited funding! I am having some trouble this year, though, due to an update that was made over the summer. I give homework completion grades for earning a certain number of XPs every week (as well as a couple of other rewards for top XPs). I ask my students to use their last name as their username so that they are automatically in a list that matches my gradebook. Unfortunately, they are suddenly being sorted by their names, not their usernames--and they are being sorted by their first names. I am seeing this both under "Activity Details" and "Course Progress". Having them sorted this way means that it takes me at least 3x longer to enter their grades, because I have to scroll up and down and check each line to match a student in my gradebook to their performance. I've realized that there is a workaround in that it's possible to download the .csv file (thank you for that!) and then sort by usernames, but in a busy school day and on a Chromebook that does not offer the full functionality of Excel, I feel that is more complicated than it needs to be.
Thank you for looking into this if possible. It would make things easier to be able to sort students by usernames again, or by last names!

September 7, 2018


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