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Using Duolingo as an online course equivalent?

Hi everyone,

I teach parents English. All of my students speak Spanish as their first language. Many of the parents/adults I try to recruit can't attend my in-person class sessions because of a conflicting schedule. I have used Duolingo school as a way to give homework for my classroom students, but recently decided to experiment with using Duolingo as a way to reach parents who work or have irregular schedules.

Right now the format is basically that I'm putting people into a Duolingo classroom, assigning them 20-30 minutes of Duolingo a day, and then meeting with them for individual supplementary tutoring like once or twice a week.

Does anyone have any experience doing this? Any advice? I was planning on maybe using Tinycards or the podcasts/class activities sections to supplement face time.

September 7, 2018



I don't have experience of doing so as a teacher, but I have experience of using Duolingo as a learner (and I am a teacher).

I would say revision is the most important thing. Tell your students how to use their duome.eu page to see which skills aren't gold any more. For example, here's yours: https://duome.eu/BiancaDeRa/progress. Tell them to make sure that the skills are kept gold. That way Duolingo's spaced repetition approach will work properly.


Wow! I had no idea a progress page existed! Cool! :-)


This feature used to be on the main Duolingo page. It was Duolingo's defining feature, and the thing that makes it effective as a language-learning tool. Though they still record the data, they've decided not to display it any more, for some reason that makes no sense to anyone :(

Hooray for whoever built duome.eu :)

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