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  5. "Tini is pregnant."

"Tini is pregnant."

Translation:Tini mengandung.

September 7, 2018



This exercises comes up before Duolingo has taught me the word "pregnant". The exercises should always teach you the words before testing your recollection of them, no?


You click on the word needed to obtain the translation. This way you see the words in context rather than a list of words. This is a better method as often words have more than one meaning but their use varies with context. E.g. Membawa = bring, but in English we may use 'take'. In reverse, 'take' may not mean membawa. One cannot take a taxi to work ... it won't fit under the desk. I have made such errors on many occasions when beginning with a list of words. Enjoy the course.


Unfortunately, with this particular question, there is nothing to click on.

A prior question had taught us the word "mengandung" == "pregnant", but this question uses the word "hamil" instead.

The only ways to get this question correct are: a) guess fortuitously, b) already know the word by some other means, or c) Google it.


Same here. This is not the first time that this course uses words before teaching them. It's getting a bit frustrating


I check the tips via Duolingo web version but the explanation is still limited.


The dad could be Andi.


what's different in mengandung and hamil


mengandung have other meanings like as: 1) memuat, berisi, tercantum didalamnya, and 2) hamil.


hamil will always be meants as pregnant.

[deactivated user]

    seems like mengandung is formal but they are synonym at large.


    Came to ask the same question!

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