"मोर एक पक्षी है ।"

Translation:The peacock is a bird.

September 7, 2018

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Why not 'peacock is a bird' ?


I am also curious why this is not an acceptable answer. There is no way to infer an article from the hindi, as hindi does not have articles.


Why wouldn't this be hota hai?


That should also be accepted. The होता है form is perhaps more correct, but when the context is clear you can just say है


Come on ,just because I didn't put 'the' in front of 'peacock' it should not consider as a wrong answer


Right. It shouldn't mark it wrong just because you didn't put "the". But here's the thing: In English, when you use a common noun, you do put an article before it, or it changes the meaning of the sentence. e.g. Peacock is a bird= "someon named Peacock" is a bird. A/the peacock is a bird= every peacock (understand to be an animal but not human) is a bird.


My answer was peacock is a bird and it said i got it wrong. The corrected answer just put The in front. That should not be necessary.


What is the point of putting the in every sentence.


Same here, Why 'The'

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