Duolingo streak bug: lost a 558-day streak

I've been testing out of units, so I was well and truly over my required limit for the day. I also had a streak freeze as a backup, but this had no impact. I've submitted a bug report, but Duo's bug form notes 'Please note that you are not likely to get a personal reply to this message.' so I'm not hopeful of getting my streak restored. ;-;

September 8, 2018


Feel for you - I was DLing from 11.30pm to 12.20am i.e for 50 mins continuously with the XP score racking up in 'this week' and 'this month' and DL suddenly ignored my XPs and zeroed my streak ???

September 9, 2018

Have had this happen several times with much shorter streaks.

September 9, 2018
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