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Add the romanisation of Hindi? Why not?

Just finished Hindi (1st round), but still struggling with Devanagari...

Should duolingo have provided the romanisation of Hindi alongside with Devanagari, my learning process would be easier & faster, and the results would be much better.

Some language learning site do it in Japanese course, why not in Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Russian, Persian, etc.?

September 8, 2018



Compared to most languages, I find Hindi has a lot of sounds that don't map very well to English sounds.

Japanese and Greek map more or less perfectly, Russian and Hebrew decently well, Arabic and Persian it's a bit more of a stretch but manageable (7=ع =3 ,ح).

But then you get to Hindi and it's a mess. All the aspirations can be written with an 'h' after them, but you get confusion with things like dharma (द्हरमा or धरमा?). Long vowels also get tricky, and the retroflex sounds are even worse (ड,ढ,ड़,ढ़,ट,ठ,ण,ष).

It takes time, but ultimately I think learning Devanagari is much better than depending on transliterations, which may eventually leave you more confused about pronunciations.

By the way, for being able to understand the 21st century India transliteration is widely used, but it's chaotic as there is no standard transliteration. If you find a way to get good at it, let me know!


द्हरमा ??

Latin alphabet is not English. So what does Hindi sounds mapping onto English sounds have to do with anything? I don't understand what the big deal is. Write the vowel twice if it's a long vowel (or put a mācrōn over it). Use a capital letter to show retroflex. I KNOW the system is not standardized... but neither is the spelling of most languages in the world. You're making it sound as if it is so challenging, whereas Arabic is much harder (and you called it manageable) and Chinese has pinyin. Just do it. India has a zillion scripts, mostly serving languages that are similar. Imagine if one had access to a way of seeing these languages without the barrier of the different writing systems... Oh yeah, we do: Latin alphabet. :)


किसी के नितंबों को चोट लगी है!

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