Thank you very much Duolingo for bringing me to C1!

This is my last post here in this German discussion Stream. I may not be able to be active here because of my studies.

You guys have probably known me since a very long time. But as you know, I have been offline in this discussion stream for quite a long time.

I am now finally in C1 after spending a lot of time studying German here in Duolingo and Goethe.

As a gratitude, I am writing this post to thank Duolingo for helping me with German for more than 2 years. Duolingo looks definitely better compared to the last 2 years and I am pretty upset that I can't join you all in this wonderful post. :'(

You can refer to my posts that I posted until now. There are probably hundreds of them answered by the old and new users like 'bewerten vs. 'auswerten'.

Anyway, don't worry. You will still be seeing my account in the Chinese discussion stream. :)

Auf Wiedersehen


September 8, 2018


See you in the Chinese discussion stream.

Bezüglich deines Profils: "eine stehengebliebene Uhr" ergibt mehr Sinn, denn sie ist ja nur einmal stehen geblieben und die Zeiger stehen seitdem (still). Wenn sie eine "stehenbleibende" Uhr wäre, dann würden die Zeiger stehen bleiben, dann wieder gehen, dann wieder stehen.

September 8, 2018

Hallo, thats the way it goes: "Eine stehengebliebene Uhr stimmt auch zweimal täglich." it means, that never everything is bad

In English "A broken clock is right twice a day"

I'm the same! I am planning to do the C1 and possibly the C2 exams this school year. I use Deutsche Welle a bit more than Goethe though.

Good luck!

That's a pity. But perhaps you still change your opinion. ;-)

Howsoever, it was an enjoyment to read your posts. Thank you for your interesting questions. And I am very pleased for yourself that you have reached C1. Congratulations! : )

I wish you for your future all the best as well as good luck and fun for your Chinese course! : ))

Edit: Corrections are very welcome. : )

Wunderbar! Congratulations! Ideally I’d be at C1 too when I’ve studied Portuguese for 2 years. We’ll see. =) I’m B1 after 6 months. Good luck with Chinese!

Let me ask you a question,please?Do you use other app to study Duolinguo German words or only use Duolinguo repeated learning?

Du bist eine Inspiration! Congratulations, bro! Keep it up!

Congratulations. I still remember when you started, three months after me. I am at level B2 currently. Are you going to study in Germany soon ? Herzliche Glückwunsche und viel Erfolg.

Herzlichen Gluckwunsch und viel Gluck mit Chinesen.

Du bist eine Inspiration!

Sehr gut! Ich wünsche, dass ich C1 auch war! Weitergehen! Und denke immer daran, dass die schlimmste Sache aufgeben ist!

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