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  5. "Dia dihukum oleh ibu guru."

"Dia dihukum oleh ibu guru."

Translation:She was punished by the teacher.

September 8, 2018



Does one usually refer to a female teacher as ibu guru? Is a male teacher bapak guru?


Yes, Indonesia doesn't suffer from the same level of political correctness that we do.


I'm not sure that political correctness has anything to do with the fact that I have never called a teacher "mother," except my actual mother.


Hahaha....in Indonesia it's no problem to call another woman "Ibu", even though she is not your mother.

It's a poilte form to address a woman.
It's used a lot in direct speech, also to avoid the use of the 2nd person singular.
(here are some examples):



That's interesting. I know a number of languages in which referring to a woman older than oneself as "mother" or "auntie" is common, but I always think of it as colloquial or familiar, the sort of thing one might say to somebody who runs a shop, but not one's teacher. I looked up its use, and it looks to me like "ibu" (or "Bu"?) is a standard formal way to address a woman, right?


it looks to me like "ibu" (or "Bu"?) is a standard formal way to address a woman, right?

Yes, that's right.
I think it's something like saying "Madam".

"Om" & "Tante" (Dutch origin)(meaning uncle & aunt) are also used like that.


I hadn't realized that. I thought Om and Tante were used as I said above, in somewhat familiar situations, while for a teacher one might say something like Mijneer and Mevrouw.


Yes , that's right. "Om" & "Tante" are used in more familiar / colloquial situations when speaking to someone older than you. It's considered polite and it's a nice way to avoid the use of the 2nd person singular ... hahahaa


What would one use in this sentence if it were a male teacher?


I understand the use of "ibu" here from the discussion done here, but isn't there be a better English translation for this Indonesian sentence? It's difficult to determine this Indonesian sentence from this English sentence.


How would you say "She was punished by the teacher's mother"?


How would you say "She was punished by the teacher's mother"?

Dia dihukum oleh ibunya guru.


How do we know the teacher as mother and the teacher as father?

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