"Dia dihukum oleh ibu guru."

Translation:She was punished by the teacher.

September 8, 2018

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Does one usually refer to a female teacher as ibu guru? Is a male teacher bapak guru?


I understand the use of "ibu" here from the discussion done here, but isn't there be a better English translation for this Indonesian sentence? It's difficult to determine this Indonesian sentence from this English sentence.


How would you say "She was punished by the teacher's mother"?


How would you say "She was punished by the teacher's mother"?

Dia dihukum oleh ibunya guru.


Why use ibu when u can just say oleh guru?


You can say either one, saying ibu just makes it more affectionate.


Surely a proper translation would be something like "... by the woman teacher" or "... female teacher". Since the gender is specified in the Indonesian, why not carry it into the English?

Sure, going the other way we often lose specificity when translating "he" or "she" to "dia", but when the Indonesian includes an extra, otherwise unnecessary, word to specify gender, that kinda implies that its important enough to be captured in the translation.

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