"Mereka berkumpul di sekolah."

Translation:They gather at school.

September 8, 2018

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In another sentence it was translated at "get together"... why can't we say "they get together at school"????


Report it ... this is the beta version.


I went with "They meet at school," as the English most natural to me. I could always be missing something about the Indonesian, though. I am rather fond of the verb "gather" but I don't encounter it often in everday English. It's hard to express exactly, but "gather" tends to carry epic or even mystical connotations... 'People are gathering from all over the countryside.' Or... 'Magic: the Gathering' if that pop culture reference rings a bell. Last time I heard people use the verb "gather" about people getting together, they were headed to Burning Man. It's more common in talking about gathering up things. Or even foraging for food... ("Hunter/Gatherers")


Would 'meet up' work here? To me it's a synonym of 'gather' or 'get together', but I'm not a native English speaker.


I asked that question of an Indonesian friend. He said meet up is the same thing as is get together.


Could it also be "They are together at school"?


Gather at THE school flagged as wrong??


Sorry ! Different error

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