"Teriak yang keras, agar kami bisa mendengar kalian."

Translation:Scream loudly, so we can hear you.

September 8, 2018

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In another question with 'teriak' I was marked wrong for writing scream, with shout given as the correct answer. In this case shout is wrong, but scream is right!


Why include "yang"?


Do you remember "verb + dengan + adjective" turns into "verb + adverb"?

You need to convert "dengan" into "yang" only when it is an imperative sentence. This explanation is based on a reliable source, but unfortunately it is written in my native language Japanese... Most of people can't read it, but just in case here is the source. https://www.arbeeindonesia.com/arbeebi/page-0-3/menengah/page-0-5/

Sample sentences:

"Andi belajar dengan rajin." (Word-to-word translation: Andi studies with diligent. = Andi studies diligently.)

==> "Belajar yang rajin!" (Study hard!)


i typed loud, and got a red x :/


That's technically not grammatically correct, but they probably should accept it. That's how most native speakers that I know would say it.


That doesn't sound like a terrifying threat at all!

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