"Andi membacakan peraturan sekolah yang baru."

Translation:Andi is reading out the new school rules.

September 8, 2018

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What is the difference between membaca and membacakan?


"membaca" is reading to yourself "membacakan" is reading aloud to others


Translation should be "read out" instead of "read" then.


Joeldipops' translations always make the most sense.


To be more precise, "-kan" makes it a transitive verb you are doing to someone/something, which it does in other verbs as well.


Membacakan means read out and membaca means read.


How would I differentiate between "the rules of the new school" and "the school's new rules"? And which is meant here?

Or is the ID sentence ambiguous on whether "rule" or "school" is new?


I think it is ambiguous. Maybe you could leave out yang to make the school new. I am not sure if you could add dari to the sentence to seperate the block 'peraturan dari sekolah yang baru "

For sure there is the option of adding some passive form into the sentence 'made by' Andi membacakan peraturan dibuat oleh sekolah yang baru.


Me no comprender why esto es bad "andi membacakan peraturan sekolah yang baru" ???? Full stop missing?


Halo teman! Este ejercicio dalam bahasa Inggris responder kamu harus. ;)

Also, Duolingo cannot evaluate punctuation, so this is not the problem. Or perhaps, do you mean this exercise is not for translating? :)


the answer was given a failed the first time, the second time i added the full stop at the end and it passed.


There must have been some other difference. Duolingo simply does not read punctuation, which has caused some difficulties in some of the other programs.


Why not " Andy reads the new rules of school"? Why is it wrong?

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