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"Restoran ini punya berbagai menu dari Jepang."

Translation:This restaurant has various menus from Japan.

September 8, 2018



maybe I am wrong but perhaps the word you are looking for in English is not "menu" but "meal"


I was thinking it might be "menu items," though that may be a bit of US restaurantspeak.


In this case, that would definitely be a better translation (or "set menus") to get the same connotation.


various assumes plural and therefore menu should be "menus". This restaurant has various menus from Japan.


Here's the official definition for "menu"

ménu n daftar atau rangkaian jenis makanan dan minuman yang tersedia dan dapat dihidangkan: -- nya sesuai dengan seleraku

List or series of types of food and drink that is available and can be served.

"The menu fits with my tastes."

So at first that seems pretty clear that "menu" does NOT refer to "menu items" and actually does mean the restaurant has multiple menus, at least two of which involve Japanese food.

But then I'm not sure about the word "rangkaian", which I've translated as "series" It may describe a package/set menu, where you order "Option A" and they bring you an entree, a main and a dessert.

Like I said, we do call that a "set menu" in English too, so that might be the case here.


Can't "berbagai" be translated as "several" as well? I'm asking because it's not accepted.

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