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Forgot My Logon Password

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Well, I'm almost at level 8 and for some reason Duolingo didn't automatically log me on. Yes, same computer. Lost cookie?

I can't remember my password. Yes, this happens a lot. The worse of it is that I can't do a password reset for some reason either because Duolingo isn't sending the reset link to my email. Maybe I made a mistake in originally typing my email?

I can see my former profile with a new log in account (MikeLudd). It's in the system but I can't access it and don't want to start over. Very frustruating!!

I don't suppose you can access real people with Duolngo who could help you?



July 9, 2012



I'd take one of the test that allow you to skip sections.


I forgot my password, how do I find It?

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