I am new

Um so i just used my (Lingots) to buy the streak freeze but don't know how to use them. Can you tell me? Thanks

September 8, 2018

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From what I have gathered, you can use them for things like the streak freeze as you have, as well as timed practice and so on. I am unsure if pro members have more options of if at later levels we do get more options.

Other then this, most often I see them used in these forums. It's a bit like a "thank you" or a way to reward others who answer questions. It could be great thread ideas and anything from a fun topic with tips & tricks. It could also be a rather long thought out topic. as an example lets say it's a thread reviewing the best applications to use on your phone or other devices for whatever language you are studying.

If you dig a little father back in these forums you may find some great info (free resources outside of duo) I if we just search we can find these old threads.

I would guess the most common use for them is on the forums, as that thank you type gesture. I may try to use some later and try the timed practice with mine. I am not really sure what the streak freeze does, other then allow us to stay in place.

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