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"ये बच्चे शाम को छह बजे खेलते हैं।"

Translation:These children play at six in the evening.

September 8, 2018



Should six be "che" and not "cha" as its pronounced here?


I have only ever heard "che" in spoken Hindi/Urdu. It may be similar to "veh" vs. "vaha" that the formal/official pronunciation is really "chaha," but I think people would look at you funny if you said it like this.


Pronunciation sounds good to me.


So its "cha" in hindi? Because six is "che" in urdu.


I've heard both pronunciations in Hindi. I wouldn't look into it too much. Probably just depends on region and speaker. In general lots of words in Hindi that have the ह sound seem to have the preceding vowel ambiguously between 'eh' and 'a' (शहर, रहना, ठहरना, etc.).


How would we say : these children play since 6 o clock in the evening?

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