"I love you."

Translation:Saya mencintaimu.

September 8, 2018

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The suggested ‘Aku suka kamu’ is “I like you”. “I love you” was ‘aku sayang kamu’ a few cards earlier. Now the answer is “Saya mencintai kamu” but would you use ‘saya’ rather than ‘aku’ in this context?


Hai teman! I think the Duolingo sentence is just correct. A context? The same expression in English "I love you" has different Indonesian expressions in different contexts:

1) Saya mencintai kamu. / Saya mencintaimu. / Saya cinta kamu. / Saya cintamu. / Saya cinta pada kamu. / Saya cinta padamu. (familiar, polite, not necessarily very formal)

2) Aku mencintai kamu. / Aku mencintaimu. / Aku cinta kamu. / Aku cintamu. / Aku cinta pada kamu. / Aku cinta padamu. (informal or less formal, intimate, most used by lovers, also parents to children, teachers to little students, can be used in poetry, songs)

3) Saya sayang kamu. / Saya menyanyangi kamu. / Saya menyanyangimu. / Saya sayang pada kamu. / Saya sayang padamu. / Saya menyanyangi pada kamu. / Saya menyanyangi padamu. (same as 1 but "sayang" is used as "to care about", familiar, polite)

4) Aku sayang kamu. / Aku sayang pada kamu. / Aku sayang padamu. / Aku menyanyangi kamu. / Aku menyanyangimu. / Aku menyanyangi pada kamu. / Aku menyanyangi padamu. (same as 3, informal, or less formal depending on the familiar use)

5) Saya cinta Anda. / Saya mencintai Anda. (very formal, can be used in letters, perhaps used in media as "official" and a more correct expression)

I think I have mentioned a few examples here. Many more sentences are listed in this Indonesian post, but I cannot know the use of all of them:


Also, the use of "sayang" is well explained here:


In Wiktionary: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/saya_cinta_pada_kamu

Selamat belajar! :)


I think the difference between "cinta" and "sayang" is similar to "love" and "adore" in English, where adoration has slightly different connotations. You can both love and adore someone, and both cinta and sayang someone.


What's with the suffix "-i"?


What about "Aku cinta padamu?" MY mother always learned me that phrase.


What about " saya sayang kepadamu" ?..... it was in a previous sentence .... "dia lebih sayang kepadamu" i believe, but now it's wrong?

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