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  5. I feel left out.


I feel left out.

I accidentally accessed Klingon on my android-type phone, and got to do one lesson. I thought, "All right!" But after the lesson, the menu continued to lack Klingon. So why can't I do Klingon on my phone?

September 8, 2018



That one I can't even begin to explain. It appears on my Android phone just fine.


I dont know why peeps cant type in english dude so thx for english


Hi Lee,

Other than quite a few bugs involving capital letters compared to the web-based version (which I usually use), Klingon works fine on my Android ap.

You may want to try rebooting your phone and trying again.

If that doesn't work, perhaps make a bug report here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new



Well, that was a dry run. I suspect that it has to do with my obsolescent phone (no idea why it would). But thanks for the help. Qapla'.



This was posted today on the Facebook KLI page:

"if any of you, like me, has a phone with an old android version where the Duolingo app does not allow the Klingon course, I found a workaround. there's something called, I guess, PWA (progressive web apps), which lets you add a "shortcut" of a web site that works almost like a real app. it's available in Firefox, next to the address box, as the silhouette of a house with a plus sign. I guess it is possible in other browsers."


Thank you! I feel a little less kookoo now. And I'm getting a new phone anyway. choQuchmoHpu'. Qapla'.

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