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  5. "yoq Doq Hoq voq qoq."

"yoq Doq Hoq voq qoq."

Translation:The robot has faith in the orange humanoid's expedition.

September 8, 2018



Is the orange humanoid the current American President by any chance? Is the robot defective? I love science fiction and I know that anything is possible, but I like to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground.


Wait, second thoughts here... it's a grammatical exercise after all and a nice machine gun splattering of Klingon as if the postman is rapping at your door with a qoq qoq qoq.


Although the Amazon delivery guys around here seem to be equiped with a feather


can you really have an adjective in the middle of a noun phrase like this?


I'm interested in this, can I bump it? Bump.

Is it that it becomes:

[(yoq Doq) Hoq] voq qoq

noun verb noun verb noun

(noun+adjectival verb) becomes (noun phrase) - a single entity for sake of parsing, treated like a noun in the next step.

[(noun phrase) + Hoq] becomes a new noun-noun genitive, which itself becomes a single entity for parsing. It's the object.

voq is the main (and only) clause verb.

qoq is the main (and only) clause noun, the subject.

Or am I off base?

(Man, if my HS teachers knew that I voluntarily just showed my work, they would spin in their graves...)


HISlaH. You have broken it down exactly correctly. Your HS teachers would be proud!

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