"Tini minum teh tawar."

Translation:Tini drinks unsweetened tea.

September 8, 2018

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    Unless you ask for unsweetened tea here in Indonesia you will eventually get either diabetes or rotten teeth. It's more like 'Do you want tea with your sugar?'


    I can confirm this; hotels have sugar packs that contain two sugar cubes worth of sugar, and I already think one sugar cube is a bit much for one cup of tea! And the packets recommended using one packet of white sugar and one packet of brown sugar for one cup! Basically, in Indonesia, tea is hella sweet (and hella strong!)


    In context, 'tawar' means unsweetened, but American English is as likely to use "plain tea" for 'teh tawar'.

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    Tini drinks bland tea should be correct as well?


    Either i have hearing problems or the guy speaker doesn't talk loud enough


    Yeah, you have to turn the volume up to at least 50%


    can tawar be used with other drinks - eg Kopi Susu Tawar?

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