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No sound in high valyrian

For some reason whenever I take a high valyrian lesson I am unable to have it read me the phrases and sentences. Is there a specific reason for this? I'd like to learn this conlang but not being able to have it read certain things out to me so I can understand pronunciations better makes it a bit difficult.

September 9, 2018



The intention is to add sound at some point, and it's partly held back by the fact that High Valyrian is not a complete language. Hopefully it will be added at some point the only worry is whether Duolingo won't change their minds and not bother as they have with some other courses.


Yes, there will be audio in this course. However I want to wait until the full course is complete. No point doing audio for 3/5 of the course only to have 2/5 of the course not have audio for an extended time. Rather get it all done in one go.

source: course creator Dedalvs 2 months ago.

Please also see the phonology guide on dothraki.org.


Unfortunately it seems that this is probably no longer true

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