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"Mengapa kamu tidak melanjutkan sekolah?"

Translation:Why don't you continue to go to school?

September 9, 2018



"Why don't you continue at school" should also be accepted


Does this actually mean "why don't you continue in school," i.e. because you are talking about getting a job, or "why don't you continue to study," i.e. because we have only one more day before the big test?


Does this actually mean "why don't you continue in school,"

Yes, exactly.
'tidak melanjutkan sekolah' =
'not continuing school', 'stop with study at school', 'dropping out of school'.


Thanks. I thought that was it, but with the translation simply as "study," I was not sure.


Why don't you continue school? = not accepted, reported

Why don't you continue in school? = not accepted, reported


I"m also reporting "Why do you not continue at school" which I think should be accepted


I have also suggested "Why aren't you continuing school?"


Can't "melanjutkan sekolah" be simply translated to "continue school" ? To me, the English translation makes sense (dropping out of school) and so does the original Indonesian sentence.


'Why are you not continuing at school?' - marked incorrect. It sounds good to me, so I have reported it. If it is wrong for some reason, can someone please explain the reason, cheers


I have the same problem - Duolingo tries to teach us English, so they put your answer as "wrong": if you write "you do not" whereas they want it to be "you don't".

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