"Pekerjaan saya dimulai dari sini."

Translation:My job is started from here.

September 9, 2018

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I don't understand this sentence translation. I think it would be more natural to say 'my job starts from here' to start, but I'd be curious to put this into context. Does it mean something like 'I start here and go there' like .. Cleaning windows or something else physical, or does it mean 'now'?


"my work starts here" seems to be a better translation


Adding a bit here, I agree that "my job starts from here" is a natural translation, but I understand it defeats the purpose of this exercise. I believe this sentence should be replaced by something else.


i agree. i realise the di- is used to construct a passive voice in indonesian and so provide an object or action oriented focus. however in this particular example, in english we would still simply say 'start' or 'begin' or even 'commence' regardless of this focus.

that is, 'my job starts from here', whether that is intended to refer to time, location or task though, is hard to say...


What a weird english sentence


Just adding one more voice: I also don't get what this is supposed to convey.


"My job began from here" or "was begun from here"

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